Cyber Security

Staying safe online is all about keeping your wits and knowing what to look out for because…

Perspective is everything.

Seeing things from a different angle can make all the difference between having your details leaked to the world or staying cyber savvy.

How do Cyber Criminals fool you into giving up your details?

3rd Party App asking for Permission to access your phone’s contacts

Malicious malware and spyware sent through emails, often made to look like an official email from your employer

Privacy Policies changing without you knowing

Redirecting you to fake and unsecure websites

Luckily you can learn to how to see the Internet differently.

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is, so use your common sense and instincts before you click yourself and your company into trouble.

To help you see the unseen and
avoid being caught out,
you can do the following:

Never post any confidential information regarding your workplace online

Enable your Internet Browser’s pop-up blocker

Decline any suspicious permission requests from 3rd party apps

Always think twice before opening and answering a suspicious eMail

Back up your data on a regular basis

These are just a few simple ways you can avoid becoming a victim of Cyber Crime. Remember, Cyber Criminals find new ways to hack your information every single day, so keep your wits and always look at things from a different angle before it’s too late.